Understanding & Caring for Your Instrument:
An Essential Retreat for Vocalists

(+ Actors, Wind & Brass Players, and all those interested in the somatics of sound and breath)

Join this unique week-long summer retreat designed especially for those who study voice and breath. The main focus of the week will be an immersion in Body, Breath, & Sound, where you will learn about the mechanics of breath and vocal production, with an emphasis on discovering and transforming your own misunderstandings and patterns of mis-use. In addition, you will join an immersion in Contemporary Alexander Technique, where you will learn how to apply Alexander's Principles in your everyday and professional life activities, helping you create and maintain the best possible instrument - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Participants will have opportunities for individual instruction throughout the week, as well as Master Classes for those who wish to participate. You will not only identify the ways in which you interfere with yourself while singing/speaking/playing, you will receive specific tools for changing the interference. You will also learn how to accomplish your technical goals without over-working your instrument; and how to resolve ongoing technical challenges.

Both BBS and Contemporary Alexander Technique are compatible with all technical pedagogies - they help you understand the instrument upon which you apply technique.

BBS is ideal for both young artists who are currently building a foundational technique as well as those who are already enjoying professional careers.

We call this a Personal Immersion because it is all about you - not your repertoire or auditions or career. So consider taking some time to invest in you - your instrument - your being. This Immersion - the beautiful landscape, healthy food, like-minded company, Master Teachers, and personal attention - create the “case” for your instrument. It is essential that you, as an artist, take care of your instrument, of your self. This week teaches you how to do that.