We are the alexander alliance international,
an intergenerational, multicultural community
of alexander students and teachers
drawn to the interplay between alexander's work,
nature, art, and culture.

We are architects
of a non-postural, non-medical, non-academic,
more than professional society for alexander's work.
Our context is society.

We are proprioceptive pathfinders,
directing ourselves and our students
out of stasis, stagnation, fixation, restriction.
With unhurried swiftness,
we accompany people into spaciousness,
fluidity, swirl, and circulation,
making certain everyone's feet rest comfortably
upon common, and solid, ground.

We are artists of attention,
drawing out a delight in sensory consciousness,
in simple pleasures, within our everyday lives,
and at special times of retreat,
in chosen places of wilderness and vastness.

We are rescuers of human touch
as a renewable and sustainable resource
for education, human nurturance, and growth.
Our intent is to gently unharness
deep, naturally organized patterns of vitality
within ourselves and our students.
This groundswell of energy strengthens the will
to live, love, learn, and work
generously and freely.