Our core teaching team - Robyn, Bruce, Midori, and Sakiko, and Margarete - have been studying and teaching together for nearly 25 years throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. We have developed a unique "team-teaching" pedagogy that allows for improvisation, inspiration, and fun.

We have developed a lively, contemporary paradigm for teaching that is student-inspired. Our way of teaching is precisely tailored to the needs of each individual student, whether they are brand-new to the Work or have been exploring it for decades.

We meet each student's needs inside of a group experience so that everyone can learn from everyone. We work together as a teaching team, inside of every class. We study with each other. We play with each other.

Together, we come up with solutions for our students that emerge from four teachers who, collectively, have studied the work for 120 years.

We are just wiser when we are together than when we are alone, and it is this collective wisdom that we pass on to you.

Meet the Teaching Team

Our teaching team functions like a chamber ensemble. We, the Alexander Alliance directors, are like musicians, well orchestrated, and after many years together, we are able to create and transmit a rich, unified sound. We are a faculty of friends who work together harmoniously and joyfully.

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Supporting Teachers

This summer we will have Lyra, Rosalia, and Wendy assisting.